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Miguel Vidal


Miguel Vidal, Pontevedra, 1968.

Miguel Vidal is a self-taught photographer who took up photography in 1994.

In the field of photojournalism, among his most acclaimed work are images of the sinking of the “Prestige”, photographs of traditions like- "A Rapa das Bestas" -, and forest fires in Galicia and Northern Portugal.

These and other of his works have been published in the media in national and international publications, such as “El País”, La Vanguardia”, “National Geographic”, “The Boston Globe” and “The Guardian”, among others.

Abroad, he has worked in Havana where in 1999 he witnessed the celebrations marking 40 years of revolution ; in Kosovo where he served as a correspondent in 2000 and in London where in 2001 he carried out photographic work on urban life.

I'm an independent photographer in Spain. I happened upon photography by chance years ago. From then on, I have never been without my camera. When I take pictures, I bear in mind the geometry, the light and the shades, the instant... So then, photography is a passion of mine that channels my interior anguish and makes sense out of the surrounding chaos.